© 2017 by todasbonobas.

In 2016, inspired by nature and fascinated by the exemplary behavior of certain animals, we designed and produced a series of animals in concrete.

We used these pieces as public art interventions on the streets of Barcelona and Budapest, aiming to bring the message of these animals to people. We made this information accessible by QR codes that accompanies each installed figurine.

We have chosen:

The Bonobos, because they teach us the importance of women fighting together in groups to defend their matriarchy and to protect their peers.

The Whales, because they remind us of the beauty of altruism and solidarity when they save smaller animals from orca attacks

The Penguins, because they show us that love does not know gender when they choose their partner from the same sex.

The Elephants, because their exemplary matriarchy highlights the importance of old women who keep the clan together using their wisdom and social skills.