The #onceamonth is a visual exploration of the emotional states and impacts of the cyclical changes in women's bodies. This project aims to break the silence lingering around and the taboos related to menstruation, using art as a tool, without burning bras or having to show male sacrifice. Menstruation, having been demonised for centuries by religion and patriarchal society, is still a topic that can break the flow of a conversation, even though half of humankind deals with it on a monthly basis.

What would happen if billions of women would not only acknowledge the emotional states closely linked to their cycles, but would start using those states in a conscious and creative way to their own advantage?

Because we can not adjust reality according to our optimal moments. But what we can do, in synchronicity with our own bodies and being aware of the cyclical states, is to create balance both in our professional and personal lives.

Todasbonobas’s new project was dubbed #onceamonth. The frankness of the title is the first indication of how we wanted to approach a topic still considered taboo, or at least embarrassing, even though half the population spends most of their lives dealing with it. Yes, yes: menstruation.

We collected the most commonly recurring and annoying thoughts that appear during various stages of the cycle and pasted them up in the streets of Budapest and Barcelona. Our intention is to talk about and better understand the four phases of the menstrual cycle, which affects us not just on a physical but on an emotional level too. We want to express that we all sometimes feel like this.

This exhibition is for women who sit on the same emotional roller coaster every single month, as well as for men who might have noticed it from outside. One of our aims is that women become a little bit more conscious about what is happening in our bodies, to understand the different cycle phases better and be able to use them. We hope that through facilitating dialogues like this one, we can also contribute to a process through which we will all blush less and less when the topic of menstruation arises.